New to CG and have questions....

I have just begun the CG method. Before starting I have watched an ample amount of youtube videos and read up about it a lot so I know the products I should be using. Mind you, it's only been about a week. I have Some 3A hair but mostly 3B.  Before this I was only focusing on growing my hair out and not really taking care of it so my curls have lacked and have been through years of chemical mistreatment (dying it a million colors since middle school...I am now 24) I have not straightened my hair in at least a year but have still dyed it here and there. My curls are coming back nicely but the top of my head doesn't curl like it used to when I was little! Everything else is crazy curly with tight spirals. I have extremely thick hair and underneath curls but not as much as the top. Would cutting my hair help this? Any other ideas? Again, my hair is mostly 3B but the top is straight (it never used to be) and underneath is like a 3A. The photo I have attached is NOT me, I don't have any examples of myself. Also my hair is a little curlier and tighter than this girls in the photo.

2 Answers

I have been following the CG method for awhile now. There could be a couple reasons why the curls on the top of your head aren't the same pattern or popping like the curls underneath but its definitely not an uncommon thing. Do you rinse your hair with cool water? Something that made a difference in my curls, especially at the top, was flipping my hair upside down when rinsing out my conditioner and using COOL water. Think about it, if your using warm/hot water to rinse and its always focused on the top of your head it can cause dryness to your strands right at the top where the water is hitting. If its not a matter of dryness than as you mentioned, you may just need a shaping to make those curls pop more. I'd certainly give it a little more time, focus on moisture especially in that area, and then if after awhile you see no difference get some shaping/ layers to add more texture to that area. Hope that helps! :)