New girl here... Am I really 3a?

After years of thinking my fine hair was just wavy frizz that needed to be blown out I chopped off 8 inches of heat/color damaged hair. Here I am after a week of CG. This is after 10 minutes of  diffusion,  a damp haired windy walk to the subway, a full day of work,  back into the wind and subway, then home into pajamas. My clumps are pretty big,  at least in back and on one side, and most of my curls seems to be large diameter. Still working out volume vs frizz, clumps vs scalp showing.  Am I a 3a?

1 Answer

Hi there! I'd say because of the s-shaped curls that your hair seems to be forming into, you do in fact have a 3a pattern! Might be a little 2c waves in there as well, though, which is perfectly normal!