Newbie here! How to get my curls back? I've been using heat tools for a while.

I use Suave Keratin shampoo and conditioner.. I mixed some olive oil in my conditioner.. Rinsed it out and I used Marc Anthony curls curl envy perfect cream and curl booster spray.. After I used a diffuser it went flat and frizzy.. What am I doing wrong? My hair is thinning because of the heat tools.. What should I do? Maybe an egg treatment?

1 Answer

You should check out the Curly Girl Method!!! My curls really sprang up when I ditched silicones and started following it! The products you mentioned have sulfates and silicones. Shea Moisture has several lines to choose from. I recommend the Coconut and Hibiscus or the Superfruit lines. A good protein treatment will help with your damaged hair a strong one like Aphogee will likely make a big difference to start with. Deep conditioning once a week and trimming the damaged ends off regularly. Scroll back and see similar posts in the ASK section, I've answered this type question several times lately.  Best ;D