Newbie here

I have recently started using the no poo method on my hair. My hair tends to be quite dry and frizzy most of the time. Also i like to color my hair from time to time have been since i was in the 6th grade (i am a sophomore in college now). Any tips to help me get started on a regular hair care routine for healthy hair or anything i should be doing. mostly anything i should know! thanks 

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Sleep on a satin pillowcaseDon't brush your hairDiffuse your hair to about 75% dry, then let it air dry the rest. LOVE YOUR HAIR!
What products are you using? I like Re:coil.
-Only cleanse or no poo your scalp.-Use lots of conditioner! And don't rinse all of it out leave a little in.-Dry with a cotton t-shirt or a microfiber towel.-Apply an all natural styling product from lines like: Shea Moisture, African´s Pride, Deva Curl, Cantu, Organix, Kinky Curly,etc.-Seal the moisture in with some styling oil. I love the Suave morrocan argan styling oil.- Let air dry or diffuse and don't touch while drying.Hope this helped!