What oils are best to use on 3b and 3c hair?it's my kids hair 3 and 1 yr olds.thanks for the advice

any product recommendation would be appreciated as well.is it ok to use "grown folks" products for their hair types or should I use kid friendly products

1 Answer

My hair is 3b, so you might get away with using slightly heavier oils in 3c hair than I can use in mine, but I'd tend to go with lighter oils (especially on young kids' hair) such as coconut oil, which is the one I usually use, or jojoba and grapeseed which I've heard are pretty good. Heavier oils like olive oil are sometimes ok for a pre-poo but can be hard to wash out, so i might stay away from it for little kids since they probably won't like too much oiliness and scrubbing. Kids' products are less likely to irritate sensitive skin, but the good thing about using natural oils is that they're unlikely to be a problem for kids at all. Hope this helps, good luck!