Okay I have a HUGE problem. The front part of my hair wont curl. What can I do to fix it quickly?

Ok. Here's the deal. I used to flat iron my hair a lot and it got really damaged so I chopped it off to about shoulder length. I did what here in Puerto Ricobwe call a permanent to get my hair permanently curly. The thing is I have tried many products to curl the front part (the hair that frames my face) but it won't curl. The rest of the hair looks perfectly fine btw. But what do you suggest to curl my hair? I have seven days until I have to chop it all off. Please help.

1 Answer

Try those heatless flexi curl rods.  They come in different sizes, so you can get whatever size curl you want to frame your face and they won't damage your hair as they are heatless.  I would suggest putting a light oil on your hair before you put them in, it gives the final result a little extra shine!  Good luck!