How to get back my thick hair after a lot fell out?

Last year I dyed the underlayer of my hair, in the process they had to bleach the part I wanted to dye because my hair is so dark. It was doing well but i noticed over the course of the year I lost A LOT of hair it's almost half of what it was. It used to be very big and thick and now it's quite small and limp. i am desperate to get it back to it's original thickness and size, what do i do?? (first pic is over a year ago, second pic is now)

2 Answers

Hi Telisaa,I have found that the using of a strong Sage Tea rinse as a last rinse, after washing my hair has caused my hair to grow rapid, I'm talking weeks! I have also found very effective in adding extra thickness and volume to my hair, the Jamaican Black Castor Oil. Daily massage your scalp too. It will come back :)I hope this helps!
If your hair experienced breakage, then it will just have to grow back out. Nothing has been scientifically proven to actually expand the hair shaft for thicker hair or increase the amount of hair follicles for denser hair. Remember to eat healthy, keep your stress levels down, and care for your hair as the virgin hair grows out.