My parents don't like my natural hair, But I don't want its straight anymore,help?

I been blow drying my hair and straightening my hair for about seven years now. I kept my hair as healthy as possible, and made sure to always cut my dead ends. My entire family prefers all my cousins with straight hair, calling them beautiful and stuff. However, they don't really like my curly hair cousin (I mean their hair). They say that women look better with straight hair, yet they don't know that my cousins with straight hair all wish to have curly hair. I personally admire girls with curly hair, but all my years with straightening my hair made me forget how to take care of my own curly hair. I started to practice now, I drop the blow drier and flat iron and welcomed my natural hair. Yet today I heard my aunt saying how she doesn't like it, and of course my mom had to agree with her and my dad did too. Its not like I wanted to be born with curly hair, I want to accept my natural beauty. After that both parents said that its not healthy to keep my hair curly everyday!! I ignore their comment, but I wasn't happy. Parents are suppose to help their daughters love themselves, not the opposite.I want to accept my hair, and I want to take care of it better. I just don't know how to keep it nice, I don't know how to have nice second day hair, I feel like I have to wash it everyday to make it look nice. Please help me prove that I can still be beautiful with curly hair.

3 Answers

I'm sorry if i sound bitchy now, but i really think you should talk to your parents, maybe just one of them, and try to make them understand (I know it sound cliché but it's the best way). I don't think that you quite realize that your family is actually bullying you.... Tell them that it's healthier, faster, easier, cheaper or whatever. You are their daughter, they must surely love you enough to listen.You should do you, and no one in the world has the right to make decisions about your appearance, I mean come on! the hair is on your head right?I hope you succeed in this straight-hair-dominated world ;P. Much love, and happy new years! 
     I went through the same thing when I started out wearing my hair out and curly.  I was 12, now I am 13.  My dad didn't like the way that my hair looked out- even though he had dreads when he was younger; I thought he was going to be the most supportive.  He said that my hair looked too messy and upresentable, and he wanted my hair to be in buns and braids all the time, which would only make my hair more tangly and damaged . My mom, wanted my hair texturized (she has a loose, 2c hair texture.) so that it could be more like hers, I have 3c hair.  I felt very disconnected from my family at that time.  Now my family is very accepting of my curly hair now.     The first thing to know is that it is going to take time.  Not to put you down, but they might never change how they think.  You should have a very firm conversation with your parents, and tell them why you love your curly hair and that it makes you feel unique and you love the way that you were meant to be, and tell them that the mean comments feel insecure. Tell them how you really feel.  You should ignore their mean comments, it is going to be hard, but the more I gave into the mean comments, the more I felt disconnected and insecure.  Your curly hair is beautiful.  I hope this helps.
I'm sorry to hear that but its best for your parents to accept your natural hair.