Since permenant straightening, I grew it out, cut all the straight off, but still not as curly?

My hair now has no treatment or colouring, and while it gets slightly curlier as it grows, no where near what it used to be. I've been using the same CG products that I used to before for nearly a year now. I'm now more 2b/c where I used to be at least a 3a. And it doesn't feel as smooth and healthy as it used to.Any suggestions to make it better?

1 Answer

Your hair pattern changes every 7 years, so I'm not sure how long you had your hair straight for, but even if you had like that for say 6 months theres going to be difference in your curls. You're probably just noticing it because you didn't get to see it gradually change because it was straight. As for trying to make it feel softer and healthier, I personally recommend using products with natural oils in them. I use a shampoo with coconut milk and oil in it which makes my hair much softer and bouncier. For styling in addition to my sculpting product I use an argon oil specifically for hair which keeps my hair healthier looking, shinier, softer, and reduces frizz.