Please help me with my Problem Hair!!

My hair is a combination of 3b- 2c.  3b on top layers, 3a in the middle and the very bottom layers are 2a.  The individual strands are very fine and overall my hair is very fine- I don't have a lot of hair.  It is also chronically dry. My entire life I have been battling my hair.  I go through cycles where I want my hair long so I grow it out.  Then when it gets a little longer than shoulder length I get frustrated with it and cut it all off.I take very good care of my hair.  I condition only wash, use no heat styling or coloring and do regular protein and deep moisture treatments.  I oil it each morning after either doing a water only wash or a conditioner only wash using either mineral oil or almond oil. I wash it with shampoo about once or twice a week to remove buildup.My problem is this- In order for the top layer of 3b hair to look good and non-frizzy, the bottom layers are over conditioned and limp and greasy looking.Another problem that I have is that I have some pretty severe allergies and cannot use anything that has added fragrance.Does anyone have any advice for me on how to care for my hair?  I am currently using a combination of Aubrey Organics, Free and Clear and Kiss My Face products.  In the past I've used Jessicurl, Kinky Curly and Carols Daughters products and have not had success with them.  Maybe I'm using the products wrong or too often or not enough?  Any advice would be appreciated as I am looking at pixie cuts again!!

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