Possible for hair to be TOO Moisturized?

My hair has multiple personality disorder. I have all type 3 combination hair. When I first take a shower my hair is limp, lifeless, and i have very shiny and pretty 3a/3b curls, but its very flat. its so limp that it barely stays in a scrunchy unless i wrap it a million times. Then as i go on to my 3rd - 5th day hair its how i like it, voluminous, slightly course, tight 3b/3c coils. I have a completly different head of hair. How can i get my hair to be voluminous on the first day hair? Is is possible then that i moisturize my hair too much and thats why its so limp?Both photos are of 3-5th day hair. I dont have any photos of my first day hair because its so flat to me.

1 Answer

Yes, it is definitely possible for you to over moisturize your hair. Many times if I cowash the conditioner will just sit on my head and make my hair very limp and greasy. You may be over-moisturizing your hair and thus suffocating your strands. That would cause them to be flat if there's no air going through your pores. What is your current regimen like? Whats products do you use? P.S Your 3-5th day hair is beautiful!! :D