Is it possible to loosen my curls? If so what products should I use?

Hello, I have 3a ringlets and they always spring up and get tighter throughout the day until I wash it again and then it goes nice, big and loose again but sometimes they look 3b when they spring up around my face, I have nothing against 3b hair it's beautiful, but I wish mine would be softer and more like big waves (2b) but it's really hard to loosen them without getting puffy big hair which doesn't happen when I let it curl up and clump together, what do you think? Should I embrace my natural curl pattern and let it do it's thing, or is it possible  to manipulate my curl pattern into waves ( without heat )? I have tried plaiting but it goes so frizzy I have given up,If you have any product or technique suggestions tell me, my hair is collarbone length so not much weight to pull it down!

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