Too much product?

Hi. I have 3b hair. Very fine, curly, strawberry blonde hair. I use Redken the conditioner as a leave in followed by Deva curl light defining gel. I still feel like my curls are too stiff and no shine.What am I doing wrong?  I need to wash every day because when I sleep I wake up with a big mess no matter what I do. Any suggestions?Thank you. 

2 Answers

Do a porosity test. Put a hair in a bowl of water and wait (at least 30 min) see if it floats or sinks. If it floats you have low porosity hair and which means you are more likely to be protein sensitive as well. IF this is the case, your hair will not love the Deva Curl products because they have plenty of protein in them. They make my hair feel dry and dirty/producty even with the light hold which isn't enough hold to actually hold my 2c waves all day! Not sure what the ingredients for your conditioner are but if they have silicones (words that end in -cone, -xane, -conol) then you are likely not getting enough moisture in your hair. They act like a shield keeping moisture out so over the long run they aren't so great. On the short term they can make your hair feel smooth when you first begin using them or protect from heat styling. Try the curly girl method (no silicones, sulfates, mineral oil, etc) and your hair should feel softer, more moisturized. It also recommends sleeping on a satin pillowcase and putting your hair in a loose ponytail on top of your head when you sleep (called pineapple-ing your hair). I've started the CG method and had good results especially after I learned that I have some protein sensitivity!
This has little to do with the porosity and a lot to do with the products you are using. Get a more botanical silicone free conditioner and make sure you are applying your gel to soaking wet hair.  It sound like the build up is coming from whatever is in your conditioner.  Lines of products are intended to be use in together.  I'd recommend adding No Poo and One Conditioner to your plans and maybe the believe-In.