Product mix left me with white flakes! PLEASE HELP?!

So it's my first time trying a Bantu knot out. I washed and deep conditioned my hair and figured that I would try out my knew leav-in conditioner: "Creme of Nature strength & shine with Moroccan Argan oil" together with        ic Fantasia Argan Oil curl styling pudding. So I dried my hair with a microfiber towel sprayed the leave-in into my hair and detangeled  (the leave in smells amazing btw)I let it sit for about 5-10minutes applied the curl pudding, did two strand twist and then did the Bantu knots.After a while one of the Bantu knots from my fringe got a little loose so I unraveled it to see how it was looking so far and BAM! White flakes everywhere!! Like my whole fringe is just a big flakey mess! I can't even start to imagine how the rest of my hair looks's a nightmare! It's currently 3:47am Sunday over here in the uk and I have college on Monday...So my question is: "Is there a way to get rid of the white flakes without having to wash everything out?"I did the product test on my hand and they mixed in really good so I'm not sure why this happened... And the worst thing is that the Bantu knots that I unraveled look pretty good...well minus the white flakes...If I can't get this fixed without washing, I'm going to have to wake up in about 5-6 hours to wash my hair and do everything over again(minus the leav-in) otherwise my hair won't be dry for Monday 7am...Please help?Much loveJamzIsMe

1 Answer

Oh no..... Thats so unfortunate. Awe... the only thing i would really recommend is washing it out. Im sorry. Thats gotta be the worst. I would always save "testing" for days where I have nothing to do. That what if it a hot mess, I can start over.