Protective styling help

i have a mix of 2c/3a hair and i often leave it down to be free however, i would like to do more protective styles but when i try doing buns, it makes my hair really knotty and makes the curl pattern go weird and frizzy. I get so frustrated (i have anger issues and anxiety) that i end up yanking my hair with a brush to get the knots out which i know is really damaging. Also, i have tried doing braids but im really bad at it and it looks horrible. Is there anything that i can do that can prevent the bun from ruining my curl pattern or any easy but good braid styles?HELP! I'm 6 months into my natural hair journey and i feel like straightening!!!!No heat for 6 months is kind of a big deal for me. I was a flat iron addict

1 Answer

Well my first question would be about products. What are you using on your hair when putting it into the bun? Gel? Mousse? Curly pudding? etc. Some styling products can be drying. Dry hair=knots and tangles. Strands have nothing lubricating them so they can slip past each other so they just stay meshed together.Are you detangling prior to bunning? If so, what are you using to detangle with? Mixing water, condish, and oil makes detangling easier and pain free. Simply start with water, add in a few pumps (4-5) of condish, a little bit of oil; shake; and use! Detangle your hair in sections (medium sized sounds the best way to go here) and then twist or braid that section. Doesn't have to be perfect- just enough to hold the hair out of the way while you do other sections while securing tangle free strands.Next, what types of buns are you doing? Have you tried twisted or braided buns? There are two ways to do this, but it sounds like the easiest way for you to do this style would be to start with a ponytail; twist small-medium sized sections of your hair (make sure each section has been detangled); and then tuck and pin the twists into the bun style of your choosing. Simply pulling all of your hair back into a bun while free can cause tangles as the strands are being forced to mesh with one another. Lastly, which part of the strand tends to knot? Are you finding knots (or mats) in your roots? The length/shaft? Or the ends? If they are mostly on the ends then you may need a good trim/hair cut. Split ends tend to tangle easier and more readily than those that have been cut cleanly,blunt, and even.