The quiz says I have 3B hair. I think I have a combo 3B/A. Need help styling.

quiz says I'm a 3B. Top layer though doesn't make sharpie sized coils and it's more 3A. Hard to control and dries up easily. I have ringlets below and then weirdness. I never know how to style and feel like I'm using the wrong product. Help please to define and style. 

1 Answer

I have combo 3A/3B hair also. Heres what i do to define my curls and manage my hair. I use a strong hold gel all over. Then I scrunch in a curl defining mousse all over. Then I use a curl cream on my ends.  Allow to air dry. Then I put a little argan oil into my hands and scrunch out the crunch of the gel . Little bit of hair spray to give lift at the roots and done. You could try a curl enhancing/texturizing spray to balance out the difference in the curl if you like. These sprays will have sea salt or magnesium sulfate as an ingredient. Your picture looks like you have coils type curls. That may be more like a 4.  Google pictures of 3a and 4a and compare yours and see which is more fitting.Hope this helps