Why r the curls at the bottom my head healthier and curly than the to of my head dry and very tiny

3 Answers

If you are saying that the top layer of your hair is more dry than the under layer, I have the same problem.  It's pretty common for curlies. So far I haven't heard a good solution besides concentrating more moisturizing products on that damaged/dry section. Apparently it's because the top of your head is more exposed to the elements, heat products, damage from your pillow, etc. I have myself been trying concentrating oil on that area but so far no luck.
Are you using sulfate shampoos? and are you putting conditioner all the way up to the roots? because using drying shampoos on the scalp while also not properly moisturizing after will cause dryness and frizziness.
Same here. You gotta give it more love and attention i.e. moisturize, cut split ends, protect with satin or pillowcase or cap at night, use heat protectant even if you are heat styling your hair.... especially in the summer. The bottom portion of your hair is more "protected" by the top layer.