Can someone recommend any products to turn my waves into curls

Hi i'm new to Naturally Curly and i'm not sure if anyone's asked this before,Could someone please suggest any mouses or curl creams that would define my curls more?(My quick story) 6 years ago my hair was 3b however as I began using the flat iron on a daily basis for 5 years and had coloured/bleached my hair I have now lost my originally defined curls (i'm 2b now, pictures included).So PLEASEEEEEEE can someone suggest some type of miracle curling products,thank you 

2 Answers

you may want to start trimming your ends to get rid of the damage.  Also I use twisted sista curl activator and scrunch upside down for more curl and volume, then I use Kinky-Curly custard to define and continue to srunch upside down. Then diffuse after it air dries a bit. The custard will leave a little crunch, just use oil to fluff and get rid of the crunch.
I'd suggest trying something to "enhance" your natural texture with Curlformers or a Flexirod set. These will make your already beautiful curls more defined, springy, and full. Here are 2 video articles that should help:The Bombshell Flexi Rods TutorialCurlFormers Heatless Curls