What's my hair type and how do i take care of my hair

I really do not know my hair type or how to take care of it sadly.  As a little girls I had only pink tails in my hair that changed to perm when I was about 10 . Then at 14 I found out what perm was and stopped it.  Though that changed to years of heat damaged until last year when I was 18 I decided to go natural.  I ask my family a lot about my hair because I can't remember it and my family says my hair changed because it used to be I guess what they say to my scalp or something like that.  They talk about my hair a lot like it's some kind of mess or something.  It hurts because I have gone through a lot with my hair and loving myself though I have learned to ignore what other people say about my hair.  My question is what my hair type is because the top of my hair is wavy thigh the middle and the back have corkscrews and springy curls.  Though on top of that the back of my hair feels less coarse from the middle and top.  Though I do not understand that because I know my hair is fine by the strands I researched though it is very dense.  Could you also suggest some products because my hair is really dry and brittle.  I do not know if it is just my hair type or because I wet it everyday.  Thank you for the help I appreciate it soooo much. 

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