Should I get a perm on my already curly hair?

Hi, so I have naturally curly hair but the thing is that the top of my hair is more straight/wavy where as the rest is quite curly. I love my curls but I want to add more volume or make the top of my head curly like the rest so it's more bouncy and big. So I was thinking maybe a perm could help me do this? I am caucasian and I don't have tight curls but they can be spiraly and bouncy. I will attach a picture. Another thing is that, the next day they are MUCH less bouncy.. so lifeless. And it looks more messy than it does curly. So do you think a perm would be good for making it more alive all over?

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I think I would try changing up your hair care routine and products before I would try a perm. A perm chemically alters your hair and once it's done, there's no going back, you have to wait until it grows out. I've never got a perm before, but I have relaxed. Sure, it made my hair straighter, but the damage it did to my hair was evident, and waiting for it to grow out was not fun. I've also heard of those who have had perms and they didn't take... so they had the chemical damage, but no results to show for it! This article might be helpful to you: Perms
No perm please, it looks great and as the others  said will mess hair strength up - try different products, I have a fav that helps the body look great with my wave and curls and think its about healthier stronger hair ,
also products with  18 MEA most importantly
Oh wow I didn't know a perm could damage your hair so much.. that is not worth it. I'm going to try and experiment with some other ways of getting it curly up top. Thank you for the answers and the article! :)
Try plopping instead of damaging your hair with horrible perms. Plopping encourages curls and volume using a t-shirt. This website has a post about and how to do it so maybe check it out! Good luck :) 
I've never wore it, but flipped parts always look more voluminous 
have you tried leaving your hair to dry on the opposite side that you wear it? Ie. Change your partin to the other side and when it's dry switch it over, I always do that.