Every single thing I try just dries out my hair?!

everything just seems to dry out my hair! I have spent so much money on hair products, trying to get some moisture into my hair but it's impossible! I have tried cheap drug store conditioners such as Aussie, Frizz Ease, Garnier, herbal essences, etc. And more expensive brands such as Alba Botanics, Shea Moisture, Cantu, Aveda, Avolon Organics... The list goes on. I've tried making my own products from pure natural oils. I have tried this deep conditioner, that leave in conditioner, everything. I have cupboards full of different products. I've tried no sulfate shampoos, washing frequently, not washing at all, co washing. I've tried satin bonnets. I used zero heat. I don't use towels to dry my hair. I finger comb, no combs or brushes.  I regularly trim my hair. Every time a product touches my hair it dries it out! I am so stressed, every day waking up with straw for hair... I don't know what else to try. I have a mess of 3b curly hair that is basically dry frizz. I have bleached my hair but it has all grown out now, just about an inch left. I had this problem before any dye touched my hair, and my natural hair above the bleach is as dry and frizzy and brittle. I often start days in tears.. What else can I do?!? Help pleaseeeeeeeeeee

1 Answer

Gosh Sophie, I am so sorry! :( If you were my bestie I would make you wash one last time with a sulfate shampoo and then start the Curly Girl method stat!!! I would have you use a deep conditioner (like from Curl Junkie maybe) or even GVP Conditioning Balm (from Sally) mixed with olive oil and sit with heat on your hair for 30-60 min! Then rinse. I would use Kinky Curly Knot Today followed by a leave in or moisture milk from Shea Moisture. Then air dry and see what we get. I would also have you do a porosity test (one hair in a bowl of water) to see if you are low or high porosity as that is super important. I'd want to try a protein treatment but if you are protein sensitive you could have protein overload from your current routine in which case you should avoid a protein treatment. Hope that helps. Hang in there. It is possible to get a hold of it I promise! Read all you can on the Curly Girl Method. It will change your life!!! Best.