Somebody please help with my crazy uneven hair

my hair was once nice and wavy/curly and easy to maintain. For some reason it has become extremely thin, curly at the top and pin straight towards my ends. I feel as if it never grows and falls out constantly. It also grows unevenly because I don't grow much hair at the bottom of my head. It make sure me extremely insecure because I love beautiful hair and my hair is anything but that. I used to heat style it but haven't been for almost a year now but nothing has changed. Please help! I've tried almost every recovery product out there

1 Answer

hi I have the same problems.for your growth you might want to try the inversion method and buy lots of natural oils like coconut oil which is the best to do it .get regular trims to make them even once they've grown.and do natural masks every week I do avocado,banana,honey,eggs,coconut oil,and olive oil my hair loves this masks it's amazing.hopes this works