Me and my son both have type 3hair but he is 3b where I'm 3c. IS it ok for us to use the same stuf?

My son is 19mo and I want to find s good natural shampoo for him. The lazy part of me doesn't want to figure out what works best for him but our hair is so close in texture I figured we could use the same shampoo. Or should I find some this specifically suited for his hair? What works for 3b hair

1 Answer

Oh of course!  If you guys also have the same porosity level, then even more so! Just make sure the shampoo is rid of any chemicals (except the preservatives) especially sodium lauryl and sodium laureth sulfates because they're very harsh/stripping cleansing agents that will parch your hair and his like CWAZY! If you want a good natural cleansing shampoo, i suggest you use bentonite clay mixed with apple cider vinegar and aloe vera juice! bentonite clay is volcano ash and when mixed with liquid gives off an electrical charge that literally pulls toxins, dirt, excessive oil, dandruff, product build-up and other yucky stuff out of you hair! I know it sounds like a MEAN-GUY but is actually, natural, first off; meaning it will not dry your hair AND his out and also OBVIOUSLY means it wasn't made in a lab! So, Yeah! I'll now send you on your way!Enjoy!-Rahmat The Hair Obsessed 12 Year Old