Straight at the roots, curly at the ends and middle

hello community,After years of straightening and dyeing my hair blonde, I've decided to keep it healthy and natural in 2017. Everything's been fine, I see how my hair has gotten healthy and curly again, but now I have another problem! My hair is straight at the roots which makes me really mad, I don't think it's been growing straight, but something has happened to it. I'm looking for help and solution for this problem if anyone has encountered it. I don't use gels, foams and hairsprays because I don't like them in my hair. I use oils for prepoo, masks and for styling. I sometimes think my hair likes to be blonde more than its natural color, brownSorry for my English, it's not my first language. I'm really looking forward to hear your opinions ! 

1 Answer

Okay, so your hair isn't very curly to begin with. My hair is much curlier (3c) and my curls are pretty much straight at the root for about an inch.  Since yours isn't very curly i think thats why is significantly straighter at the root.