After last no sulfate poo, AsIAm barely washed out, scrunched well & airdry. Best for am refresh?

Just started CG today! Used L'Oréal no sulfate poo, Leaving most of AsIAm cowash in then scrunch while wet. Mainly airdryed but some drying/scrunching w/a microfiber hair wrap that was just too small for my long hair. Result? Wonderful spirals. I feel my hair is lacking the volume I had (with all the frizz). Tomorrow do I wet again, add more conditioner and the no-silicone gel that I didn't try today? I'm afraid to touch my hair at all!! I know this is new to me despite all the research I've done, doing it in real life is a lot different. I need to know when I do my hair tomorrow do I have to wet it before adding any product? I feel like I know the answer but thought I'd better ask. I also don't have the part I used to, its kind of uneven. Should I just get used to the non-straight part I had before CG? Thank you! 

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