Not sure if my hair is a 3a or 3b, please HELP!

Hi everyone!I need some help, I can't figure out what type of hair I have, 3a or 3b. Also, I would like to know if anyone knows some natural trick or product to have more density in your hair.Thank you so much!

4 Answers

I would definitely guess that you were a 3a, but you could have a mixture. Unfortunately, you can't change hair density. Density is the amount of hair the grows out of your hair and you can't create more hair follicles. If you mean you want thicker hair, you can try applying castor oil. Scientifically, there is no proof that it makes your hair thicker, but many many women (and men, probably) have agreed that their hair has gotten thicker with regular use. If you mean that you just want it to look fuller, you could pick out your hair or try separating the curls, but this will probably result in less definition.
I think you have 3b Curls!
Your definitely a type 3A..  The circumference of your curls are not of a 3B...  You may have sprinkles of 3B but mostly throughout your a 3A girly.. Hope this helps..
I screamed 3B your spiral curls are tighter than 3A