Can't detangle my hair?

I have 3a curls with fairly fine, white textured hair. I have found recently that I'm having a really hard time detangle my hair. I usually detangle in the shower with a wide tooth comb and conditioner sometimes. I recently lost my comb and the widest one I could find was quite a bit finer than the one I'm used to. I tried finger combing my hair but I've found I'm getting smaller knots that my fingers do nothing for. When I comb it in the shower now it takes what feels like an hour to get most of the tangles out. It seems like Everytime I get all the tangles out and move on, when I comb that section again a few minutes later it's back to as tangled as before? It's super frustrating and I end up just giving up once I've gotten all the big ones out.I also have dyed my hair a few times and currently have a ombre where the bottom third-half of my hair is bleached. I don't know if this could be contributing? I guess I want to know if I'm doing something wrong or if my hair is always going to be slightly tangled and wide tooth combs just don't catch on to it?

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