Can't make my hair grow

So I found out about the CG method and it has been working a lot better for my hair but my hair won't grow at all! When I straighten its still the same length. My curly hair won't even touch my shoulders but ends at the end of my ears. I need help, I really just want it to go a little over my shoulders at least! But if so, how long would that take?

1 Answer

Please understand that at best ones hair can only grow .025 to .50 inches a month. This equates to an overall yearly growth of 4-6 inches provided ones hair is healthy and well maintained. Hair will grow regardless of what is done to it. When your hair appears to be stunted in growth it is because the rate of shedding is the same rate of growth. You need to combat the amount of breakage your hair is doing so that is can get past the stunted grow and retain length. You stated that you want your hair to grow from about ear length to shoulder length and that is about 6-8 inches of growth if I'm not mistaken. This will take a year of length retention to achieve. For this to happen you need to know your hair and what it needs to be healthy. • What is your hair texture?• How porous is your hair? You need to know this as it tells you how well your hair absorbs moisture. • How dense is your hair?• How thick is your hair not to be confused with density.• Is your hair protein sensitive? • Is your hair prone to frizz?I highly recommend that you keep heat off your hair while you are retaining length. Using a lot of high heats on natural hair is cause for damage and curl pattern eradication. If you must use them, I recommend that you use a silicone based heat protecting serum on your hair before any blow drying or pressing is done on it. You have to find products that work well for your hair's unique needs. There are plenty of products on the market geared to natural hair, how ever you aren't going to know if they work well for you unless you are reading the ingredient list and loosen up the purse strings. Good luck and I hope this helps.