Tighter hair texture further down strand?

Hello Everyone, I wanted to see if anyone else has this occuring - I've been natural for 4 yeare now, and I keep getting stuck at shoulder length. I've tried everything under the sun, but what works one day suddenly doesn't work the next, and my texture is all over the place.I've been trying to understand the why, and have noticed that some of the strands of my hair are COMPLETELY different textures from the root to the tip (and these are in the most breaky section of my hair, which is my crown and a bit lower). My root (which I know is the root, as it was a shed hair and had the bulb attached) is finely textured, nearly wispy, and about a 3C with no kinks - about an inch from the point, the hair suddenly has kinks, gets thicker, and tightens up to a 4A that's easily breaking. I think the transition point is also a point of breakage. I know if I can figure out why this is happening I'll be able to finally acheive the waist length hair I've always wanted, but I've looked everywhere and can't find anything. Is it damage? Should I just BC and start all over? Scab hair? Any ideas?

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