Tips for transitioning? 3b hair

3 Answers

There are a lot of articles about this on this website.  Check here for a list:
Hi lifeinmyroots! I have 3b curls as well and have gone through the same process! I used to do a lot of straightening treatments and not only did they kill my hair, but my hair was always different textures when my roots grew out. Congrats to you for making the change to transition. When I transitioned I did it in baby steps, as I was scared to do a big chop, but a big chop would help the process move along faster. Here a few helpful articles I found on NC: luck!
Try a protective style to hide your transitioning ends. Some fun options are box braids, havana twists, or even a weave. This will give your hair just enough time to grow out long enough so that when you take out your protective style, you can get your ends trimmed and you'll start seeing more of your natural curl pattern throughout your entire head.