Hello everyone. So I guess you can see my profile picture and my hair. It is curly. Type 3 i think. The thing is it is straight or kind of wavy from the roots to the middle of my head and i like it. But that part exactly has too much volume. It gets frizzy and looks dry even though i think it isnt. I dont use heat. Also i cut layers which was the biggest mistake ever. Now the ends are so thin its disgusting. But my hair is a lot curlier because of layers though. Anyways: i use different oils, i deep condition and really take care of my hair. But what am i doing wrong? Please help

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So... there's like a ZHILLION things that can cause your poofy roots! Since there is soo many possibilities, instead of making my answer a big long boring paragraph, I'm gonna make a list instead; 1 because I love making listsand 2 because lists just look easier to read! Let us commence!1. Nature: Maybe that's just how it is, you know?!2. Humid Enviroment: Ok, so... i'm not a stalker so I don't know where you live but if you live in the south-s or in the west-s or where you live is going through summertime (which will obviously just be a phase), the humidity opens your hair cuticles making your hair frizzy. Washing/rinsing your hair with apple cider vinegar will close your hair cuticles making them smooth, laid down, and FRIZZY! NOT! HAHA, I scared you, right?! If you don't like the smell (which I, for some reason love) of apple cider vinegar then cold water has the same effects3. Hot Water: as I said in number too, heat in general lifts your hair cuticles making your hair frizzy! But hot water is actually worst because it's actually touching your hair, opening your hair cuticles, and sucking the life (life: meaning moisture in hair-talk because moisture is hair's life) from your hair. Not only that, but since it's water, it will rinse away the good schtuff!4. Not So Good Moisturizer: well if you have a moisturizer at all, then it might be AWESOME! But if it's not good, then it probably contains unnecessary ingredients that will just sit on top of the hair and not actually penetrate it! Oils that penetrate the hair, coconut, olive, and avocado oil. Use those instead of the thick butters and oils that don't penetrate the hair strand or when it dries out your hair will still be dry. A moisturizer I suggest is SheaMoisture's Coconut & Hibiscus Conditioner! It has these oils and more that are so moisturizing!5. Sun: I don't think there's much to say... Well, those are all the possibilities of why your hair (at the top) might be frizzy!When you find the underlying problem then obviously, don't do it but while you're figuring that out there's a diy I put up in the recipe's section of this website called the "Slippidy-Slidey Detangler''. It's a gel based detangler and obviously a frizz-calmer since it's a gel! You know, I think it will be easier if you just checked it out because there is so much to say about it! Remember it's located where it says RECIPES on the top of this page!Hope I Helped!- Rahmat The Hair Obsessed 12 Year Old
i live in Europe. But the thing is my hair is that way no matter the weather. I started thinking that my head is the problem haha. Maybe it is too big so it seems like my hair is too poofy when it isnt. I dont know. Also i have a question: should i put conditioner on top of my head?