Type 3 B/C Shoulder lenght: They're too short for pineapple, how can i protect them for the night?

Yeah, got a satin pillowcase, i tried to wrap them in a silk scarf but ended up with a major headache. I also tried to braid them in 2 but again, headache came in. How can i do? 

3 Answers

What about a loose satin bonnet? Same effect as the pillowcase and it's not as tight as the scarf. Shoulder length should be easy to ''pine up'', is it a bit shorter than that?
yeah, it is a little shorter, indeed. the bottom back section is the one that i can't still pine, because it's shorter. I'll try the satin bonnet, as soon as i can find it,  many many thanks <3
No problem! Hope you'll find it soon :)