TYPE 3C @the beginning…sortof

My inquiry is regarding the selection of the best products, tools and techniques for my TYPE 3chair.TOOLS??:BRUSHES:PADDLE VS. DENMAN? BOAR VS. NYLON? ION AND/OR CERAMIC? TECHNIQUES??: love theWASH N GO, though my hair is [gues-stimated] to be less than 3 inches on topand even shorter on the back and sides. So I consider my current length at its awkward stage...not really feeling it.but I know to be patient about such things and learning as I go what works forme. right now, I’m style-LESS, LOL! It’s still growing so there’s potential. I will,I must continue to be… patient.PRODUCTS??:I have been getting a little overwhelmed by the massive amounts of products on the market. If I had it my way, I could go online, search for: HAIR PRODUCTS AND TOOLS FOR 3C HAIR, and get the info I wanted.What I actually pull is 98% of things I don’t need/didn’t ask for and 2% what I was looking for… And of course, that 2% takes three hours to find – LOL!However, I'm finding that the topic I‘ve been searching on has so many contingencies it would be a miracle to find the perfect product WITHOUT first trying it out. If there’s an alternative, holla! Right now: I’m using REDKENs CURVACEOUS [b/c I think their FRESH CURLS line has been discontinued –which I’d been using since before the millennium until very recently and loved it].I’ve also been assembling an arsenal of oils including the QUEEN MOTHER, Coconut oil [organic extra virgin,of course] to help create my own regimen.I’ve been trolling thru many of your channels, blogs, including lots of YOUTUBE tutorials, and NATURALLYCURLY.COM, CURLYNIKKI.COM, & URBAN BUSH BABES among others, to get info on the specifics on the ‘what’ and ‘how.’What really solidified my decision--second to wanting a change/changing my hairstyle was watching xoDVF on YOUTUBE! The woman has HEALTHY, belly-button length hair! Seeing her video pushed me off of the fence! Because I saw that it could be done AND saw that it was nothing compared to the time and money I used to put into my processed big[OPRAH] hair .So I became committed to continuing the journey of growing and maintaining healthy, natural hair.I had been wearing a boy cut – what I playfully named “the Poindexter,” close on the sides, back and short-curly on top. Most call this a fade…I think. Had this cut since1994 – and STILL LOVE IT. what’s not to LOVE? The epitome of WASH N GO. What the natural hair community calls WASH N GO, I call: WASH, do a-whole-bunch of other S#$T, FLUFF and FLUFF some more and don’t forget the COCONUT OIL and GO! LOLI heard once that when a woman changes her hairstyle she also changes her lifestyle. And ladies[gentlemen too], I am ready to change my lifestyle.I have been learning about taking care of my naturally curly do and although it wasn’t planned –once I finally said it [in my mind & then out loud] I realized I had already started.Would love to hear from my 3C sisters to get advice & experiences with products, tools and styling---especially, when you were in your awkward length stages [if you started from the big-chop].Thank you and much Love.There are NO accidents,qoqo

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Wow! That's a lot of questions!  You might want to dig around on the site and see what you can find.  There's a lot of info over on CurlTalk, which gets more traffic. http://www.naturallycurly.com/curltalk/
Woah!!! Okay lots of questions. As the previous user said look around the site a bit and do some research but I can try to answer a good bit of your questions or least advise on what to do. As for tools I would suggest just a wide tooth comb for shower detangleing and even this is not a necessity. You can finger detangle also. I personally do not like brushes on my 3c hair because wet or dry they always leave my hair frizzy and my curls with not as much definition as I like. But if you really want a brush try a denman like brush but only use it when your hair is wet. So far my favorite shampoo and conditioner is the Giovanni Tea Tree Triple Treat. I also really like Aubrey Organic's GPB Balancing Conditioner. My favorite all time leave-in regimen is to apply Kinky Curly Knot Today then the Biotera Ultra Moisturizing Leave-In and lastly seal with either coconut or castor oil. Kinky Curly detangles, gives amazing curl definition, and moisturizes while the Biotera adds sheen and softens hair and is also a really good style/curl refresher. My favorite deep conditioner is the Shea Moisture Deep Treatment Masque. My favorite style is either a twist-out or a wash and go. When I big chopped it was unintentional. I cut my hair into a really short tapered cut. I hated it! The stylist didn't do it how I wanted it and asked for it to be done. She did it how she wanted and how she felt it would look best. So as my hair grew back it grew back really quick and I wasn't use to having curly hair so i was relaxing it like every 3-4 weeks. Eventually I got sick of it and just stopped perming it and it grew how it wanted grow and I just gradually cut the relaxer out of my hair because I hated the whole two textures look. My awkward length stage was when my tappered back and sides grew faster and thicker then my top which had been cut short but not completely off like the rest of my hair. So my top was like 6 inches long and my sides and back about 3 inches. I hope I answered at least some of your questions. If have anymore feel free to ask. Good luck on your journey :)