What type of curl do I have?

I have curly hair, but it isn't as tight and curly as the 3b picture, so I assume I am 3a, but I have SO MUCH HAIR. Like really. A lot. So does thickness matter? It's almost like an Afro but with 3a curls... The photos show my thickness but not really the curl. 

3 Answers

I would actually say it is 2c, because it is kind of straight near the roots. You just have really thick hair x 
I agree, 2c. I wish I had this much hair!Have you tried combing styling product into very wet, almost dripping hair then scrunching it with head upside down? That would probably give you beautiful, bouncy curls.
I have really thick hair too, as you can see. When it's short and layered, it curls up tight; as it grows out, it gets wavy. It's confusing when everyone uses the terms "curl pattern" and "hair type" interchangeably. Curl pattern can change with length and is only one part of hair type. Anyway, I've never been able to grow my hair out like yours. My advice to you is be thankful you're young and have beautiful long wavy hair, and enjoy it!