What type am I? I know I'm either 3b or 3c but don't know for sure!

Hello! I'm new here :) the hair at the very top of my head is much more textured than the rest. I'm pretty sure it's a 3C maybe even 4...The hair at the bottom of my head (near the back of my neck) is all looser curls, maybe a 3a... but all of the other hair (comprising at least 85% of my overall hair quantity) is a completely different texture. It's all made more difficult to determine because I always wear it straight (roller set + blow drier to style + flat/ curling iron sometimes) and a lot of the curls are fried straight. I put the ones with the most heat damage in a bun so you can see the curl pattern more clearly in the picture. Also, I have no product whatsoever in these pictures. If it's any help, my hair is low porosity, high density, medium thickness and extremely frizzy. Thanks a lot! 

3 Answers

Without the heat damage it would be 3b! Do you still wear it straight everytime or did you mean u used to wear it straight?
yes. I still do, but I want to start rocking my curls that's why I joined this site. It's somewhat challenging for me because in my culture (and especially in my family) everybody straightens their hair and they consider curly hair to be unkempt and not attractive. Regardless, I'm on a journey of self acceptance and rediscovering my identity and that includes my hair! Since you have the same hair type, can you recommend some products? I literally know NOTHING regarding the care of curly hair :S all I know is i don't like the frizz and I seriously don't like the "wet look". 
I would say type 3A