My undercut is behaving strange?

so I recently have shaved my undercut about 3 months ago. It was fine at first but as it grew out I noticed my nape hairs were very different. Literally in the middle of my nape I had really soft curls but then when you got to the sides of my hair it was straw like and very try and refused to curl. It's very off for me because I have 3b curls everyone and in the middle of my nose but on the sides I swear it had to have been 4c. It was so bad that I had to cut it low again and even the women cutting my hair was amazed. Idk what to do because I don't remember it always being like that. Is anyone else having this problem?? Is there something I maybe did wrong because my grandmother told me I possible dried it out since I've been blow drying my hair and straightening all of it.

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