How to have volume but not frizz?

i don't use product in my hair anymore other than shampoo & conditionor which i wash out before getting out of shower because i like my hair BIG. It's really curly still but dries out only in the back on top really badly & my curls frizz out & products are either too cakey, makes my hair crunchy or greasy or even stringy. So what's the best hair product that keeps my curls but doesn't flatten my hair by the roots?

2 Answers

try to use an alcohol free serum for your hair and apply it lightly (:
You should try using your conditioner as a leave-in. When you go to rinse out the conditioner, don't rinse it out all the way, the conditioner will act as a moisturizer without weighing it down. If it does, I would find out what exactly is weighing your hair down in the ingredients. Maybe it's just the products your using.