I know you are not suppose to wash your hair every single day and it has been said to co-wash in between your wash days.  Well, what I understood was, co wash every day until your next wash day. But, recently I read you are not suppose to co-wash your hair everyday..... and that you are not suppose to wet your hair every single day. Uhm... Can someone clarify this for me?I was only when I feel like my scalp is dirty and my hair is starting to smell bad which can be every two-three days.

1 Answer

It depends on your hair type. The more curly your hair is, the less you have to wet it. For example, if your curls are 3c type and they still look defined next morning, you don't have to do anything to them. But if your curls are 2c, I bet they won't look good when you wake up. So you obviously have to wet and condition it to make your curls defined again. If you feel like your curls don't need to be washed every day, don't do it.