Is there a way to get my 3c curls to 3a or even 2c???

I've tried to grow my hair so it becomes heavier and more loose, I've tried this for two years now and only cut my tips if really needed but still my haur stays as curly, frizzy and "explosion like" as always as you can see on the picture (it's sometimes even crazier!!!)So is there any way I can get them less curly and frizzy? Are there conditioners, shampoohs, creams, sprays or anything that could help?Thanks so so much for the help!

2 Answers

I would probably start off by just mentioning that I'm not exactly sure that I'd categorize your hair as 3c. It does seem like there may be some 3c in the very underbrush, but - even with the added weight - I think I'd categorize as 3b or even a frizzier 3a.  Anyway, to answer your question, there is no way to get your hair to naturally.grow out of your head as a 2c or a a silkier textured 3a. You could possibly achieve these looks through a barrel curler and/or roller (for 3a) and by blow drying and then twisting/braiding your hair at night and undoing the braids for a wavier 2 look in the morning. I would be careful with heat damage either way. If your hair gets wet, it may revert.If you were looking to permanently get rid of your curls (not including new growth) without having straight hair, you'd have to look into either texlaxing or texturizing your hair, but these are a bit trial and error for just how loose your hair will turn out and have a relatively high risk of damaging your hair if done wrong.I would have to ask if you are sure you don't have some heat damage at least in the parts of your hair more in the front. The hair there does appear to be a looser there (this may also occur naturally). Mainly, I would just look for products that help to minimize frizz. I'm not sure, but it doesn't quite seem like you had any product in your hair in that picture.Hope this helped.
Some women says henna loosened their curl pattern.It loosened mine and I was mad...I had to big chop all over again.I went from 4a to 3c.I will admit 3c was easier to manage but I love the look of 4a.You can try  henna but its a long process and your hair will come out fire red or bright orange.I personally think you just need the right product and hair technique to conquer that frizz.Unless you live in the humid south then you will just have to deal with it frizz.If you look at the picture below her hair has loosened.You will probably go up one curl pattern.