Is there a way to match curls?

Hello, I was never taught how to handle curls when I was younger, so I have straightened my hair for many years and just recently, 6 or so months, started to embrace my curls. Since I have stopped straightening my curls have started to increase. The problem I am having is how each strand curls. Towards the tops of my head my curls are like and S and then towards the bottom the "S" turns into spirals. I was wondering if this is just how my curls are shaped or if they will eventually match top to bottom? It seems to be a little awkward right now. Any tips?

2 Answers

This may just be how your hair is, but it sounds more like a case of heat damage. This mostly likely came from having your hair straightened so often in the past :/ So eventually, the top will match the bottom, but it seems that you're in for some transitioning or a big chop.You could try protein treatments to try and help your heat damaged hair, but there is no real way to fix heat damage other than to just cut it off  and focus on length retention. This also probably means that your hair type is a tighter one than what you thought it currently looks like.
I think it sounds like your curl pattern. It's quit common for curls to be stretched out at the root from the weight/length of the hair.