Ways to add volume?

i have 3a hair and I want to make my waves/curly look more bigger / voluminous, are there any good products for added volume? 

3 Answers

when u style your hair, flip your hair upside down and scrunch upward twords your scalp. also, depending on the thickness of your hair i would suggest using a gel or mousse, (gel for thicker hair). i have found a spray on mouse i use (photo below) that helps, especially if you then blow dry your hair with a diffuser upside down. also, the longer you go without washing the bigger your hair will get. hope this helps! :)
After you shampoo and condition hair apply hair infuse moisturiser while hair is still wet , section hair in 8 , then twist all 8 section all the way to the very end . Let it dry in that form . When hair is all dry . Un-twist all sections using fingers only and style ... that method will increase volume and fullness .  ( products to help increase volume)
Hi there! Here are the best ways to add volume.1. Get a haircut with layers. The shorter your layers, the more volume you'll have!2. Use mousse, because they are made for volumizing hair. Try SheaMoisture's Coconut & Hibiscus mousse or DevaCurl's mousse.3. Scrunch your hair a LOT after applying products!4. Diffuse your hair on low while holding your head upside-down. This will give you more root volume.Hope I helped :)