a weekly hair routine!

I have 3a\b hair and I was wondering what my weekly hair routine should include. I recently started using a anti-frizz serum and a gel which have really helped, I dont use a towel on my hair and I am going to begin co washing, but i was wondering if there was any use in getting a leave in conditioner just for that little bit more help with frizz. And if so how should I encorporate it? Thanks

1 Answer

Yes! Leave-ins are a must for moisture! Since you're already intending to cowash you should take a look at the loc or lco method. Both methods include a leave-in (l), cream(c) and an oil (o). You could also leave the oil out if your hair doesn't like oils and use a gel like you mentioned, that will be called the lcg-method. If you do start cowashing I'd advise you to take a look at the ingredients of the serum because a lot of them contain silicones. There are many great brands for leave in conditioners, take a look at what works best for your hair. Cantu shea butter and Curls are two brands I like. Good luck!