Weird curly hair... please help?

Im 16 with 3b hair (i think) and am growing my hair out and doing the no poo method with no prevail. I cant find a curly hair dresser or very good products (im cheap and dont get the good stuff. My hair is greasy and residewy with a frizz halo. I am beyond frustrated and about ready to give up. My hair is terrible and disguisting. I have very thick hair and there is alot of it along with an ichy scalp and weird dandruff. please i need anyones help... i can post a picture if it helps

3 Answers

hey mojo, try youtube Lorraine Massey. Great tips and routines- she is a curly hair god!
Your hair sounds like mine. I have sensitive scalp, low porosity frizzy hair, with 3 different curl patterns and 3 heads of hair. Our hair take patients and lots of trial and error to figure out what works. It took me 30+ years to figure out my curls. See if my pic shows a similar texture to yours.
Hang in there.   Your hair and scalp sound a lot like mine before I found Loraine Massey and Curly girl.  My hair is schizophrenic.   2c/3a/3b,  high porosity.  Start with a sulfate free shampoo,  silicone free conditioner.   Google,  value priced options are available. Condition,  condition, condition.  You cannot use too much conditioner. I rarely use shampoo.    I  my conditioner to Co wash,  rinse,  work through more, squeeze dry,  work through a little light gel, scrunch, let air dry. I do not know of many silicone free leave N conditioners that are inexpensive,  you might want to invest a bit. Good luck!