Wet frizzy hair

my hair is low porosity, and coarse and 3b and INCREDIBLY FRIZZY. Even when wet it's all frizzy and poofy and way too fluffy. I When I use protein my hair actually looks sorta all right but I gotta use a crapload of protein conditioner and it's sorta stRaw like , and when I use moisture my hair is waaAaaay too soft, mushy, and undefined and especially poofy. It's sorta weird cause even though my curls are pretty large (3a/b) it's HEEEELLLA frizzy like it's sorta like an undefined frizzy texture and I wanna know how I can smooth out the texture. And the only way my hair will be sorta smooth is if I wash at night, and in the Morning I put some conditioner into my dry hair, gel, and then brush it. When I wash, or even cowash or condition my hair it's very frizzy and frazzled and not very calm but when I wait a few days my hairs all calm and looks nice and lays nice. How can my hair be like that the day of washing. And how can my hair be nice and silky and defined while wet not all wiry and puffy and undefined 

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