What can be done about "Calico" Curls, where you have curly hair but some chunks are stick straight?

3 Answers

Two magical words: curling wand!http://www.naturallycurly.com/curlreading/retexturizing/curling-rods-vs-curling-irons
I have tight 3c curls and I also have some stick straight bipolar pieces that look super longer compared to the rest of my hair. I cut them so that they are the same length as everything else but with some of the bigger chunks I lightly damp it, wrap it around my finger and bobbypin it to my scalp. Once it dries (I normally sleep on it) I take the pins out and that straight chunks should be as curly as the rest of your hair.btw you might want to try wrapping it around 2 or 3 fingers since your curls are 3a therefore they are much looser than mine.
I have the same issue-I'm brand new to site so bear with me, but if anyone can tell me why the  longer pieces by ears refuse to curl i would LOVE it. Will try to attach picture so you can see what I'm talking about