whats the best way to maintain my curls or get them to snap back after lots of straightening?

my hairs growing back from a short cut and it was relaxed so to make the 2 textures mix i was straightening my hair a lot. now i have a sew in and when i take it out i want to cut off more of the relaxed but i want to know how to make my curls snap back

2 Answers

Well, sounds like someone already gave you great advice because you have a sew-in and plan on cutting off more of the relaxed ends once you take it out. But I'd recommend using a curl "definer" or "activator", and moisturize with an oil-based product made for curly hair. Your curls are heat damaged, so they won't just bounce back immediately. Here's an article on treating heat damage.
Try Twisted Sista Curl Activator