Why won't my hair curl right?

I'm sorta new to this whole natural thing. When I started going natural, my hair didn't have heat damage or damage from being permed or anything like that. In fact, my hair was quite healthy. Coming from a Dominican family, my grandmother always made me apply treatments, diys, and deep conditioners, just not as long as curly haired gals would because she believes leaving things on for too long could damage hair. I did rollers and sat under a hooded dryer for about 40-60 minutes every weekend, sometimes I'd skip a weekend and would do it the next. Not really sure if that's what affected my hair and is causing it not to curl because I never had what hair damage looks like. The problem is mostly in the front. Ever since I went natural, I have hair breakage, hair that curls at the root and then some straight/wavy ends, or sections of hair that look straight/wavy. My hair type is 3b/c. Pleaseee help! Thanks!

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