Why won't my hair shaft curl but my ends do?

I've been natural my whole life, i've never had a perm in my hair but every since I was 12 my mom started taking me to the salon to get it straightened. It was long, like below bra strap, but once I turned 15 I realized my hair wasn't growing anymore. It broke off right above my nips. Im 16 now and it's still the same length. I decided to give up heat and I've been heat free for 5 months. Here's the problem, my roots are extremely curly, and my ends are curly, but... my hair shaft won't curl, its like curly, straight, curly so I can't cut it unless I want to be completely bald. I don't know what to do. Also I've been slacking on my hair routine, so what do you recommend for 3b/3c hair deep conditions and hot oil treatments?

1 Answer

I would recommend first using a high grade deep protein treatment on your hair to see if there's simply a lack of protein and moisture balance. If your hair is continues to not curl in the length of your hair, you probably have severe heat damage. Many times when we go to the salon, hairdressers focus the tension and heat on the mid section of the hair because the roots and ends can be hidden in a updo or some form of a protective style while the length of the hair is still relatively straight.