Please, help, I don't understand my hair!!

I found this website last night and have been reading it since then. my hair has always been wavy but the curls are not defined. I am type 2a but my hair doesn't look pretty at all... Plus I live in Indiana and its so humid here! When you look at my hair, its straight but under the first layer is actually wavy... However, up to my ear level is straight and then wavy and then straight again.... I have no idea where to start from here. I don't want to use a blow dryer or any heat, I don't have time for this and I know it will damage my hair... What products do you recommend? I have been using Aussie moist (shampoo, conditioning, 3 minute miracle) and then I use bb cream from Pantene and Pantene Serum as well. It seem to help but its puffy and I am always afraid of going outside unless it's on a ponytail.... I am very, very upset with it...what to do??

2 Answers

my hair went like this after too much processing. baby your hair and do an aphogee protein treatment. May take some time. 
Curly Girl Method!!! The products you are using have sulfates and silicones in them once you switch to products without, your curls will begin to pop! I have the same curlies underneath and my hair has gained a lot more curl since I switched to CG a few months ago!! I wound up getting rid of all my products and replaced them with CG friendly ones and I am soooo much happier with my hair! You can get the book Curly Girl Handbook by Loraine Massey or look up the info about it online (here, blogs, Pinterest, YouTube).You will need to do one last shampoo with a shampoo that has sulfates in it but no silicones so maybe someone else in your house a shampoo that fits the bill since yours has silicone (Dimethicone). Silicones prevent moisture from getting into the hair shaft and build up over time causing hair to become dry and lifeless and muting the curls potential. Some basics about the method are: get more moisture to your hair, don't use heat (unless diffusing on low), try not to wash every day and try not to use shampoo (sulfate free of course) any more than necessary. Here's a sample  routine you can try: Day 1 wash with some sulfate shampoo one last time to clarify the hair. Condition with Tresemme Naturals Conditioner. Don't towel dry hair, use only a t-shirt it's gentler on curls. Leave in conditioner: Try A dime size of the Tresemme. Curl Enhancer: Kinky Curly Curling Custard. Gel: LA Looks. Plop hair for 10 min (look up plopping). Let air dry then scrunch out the crunch. Skip a day or two if possible then "wash" with V05 conditioner. Continue with the rest of the steps. If you need a "shampoo" every so many washes, which you will, I recommend Shea Moisture Superfruit 10 in 1 Shampoo. Avoid products with glycerin close to the top of the list in the humid weather it will make your hair poofy without much definition. Don't come unless in the shower with conditioner on. A protein treatment would be a good idea to help strengthen your hair as well. Look for the word Hydrolyzed in your protein treatment b/c those proteins get in the hair better. Wow, I know it's a lot to think about but if you look up the CG method it will all begin to make sense. Good luck!