why are my 2a waves becoming straighter?

So my hair used to be 2b all over then at the back it got straighter(I'm not sure if it was heat damaged or how to deal with that)  and now they're like only slightly wavy and then the middle is 2a but the front of my hair is 2b and at the bottom it either looks like 2a or straighter. I think the frizz is making the /bottom hairs look a little straighter too?

1 Answer

What kinds of products do you use? I know the Curly Girl method was developed by a woman with type 3 hair but I can attest that it works with type 2 hair. Silicones really do weigh down my hair. My hair is partially straight underneath too so I know how annoying it can be. Try using natural products without silicones and co wash if you aren't already, even if it's not every time you wash. You could try deep conditioning to get some moisture back. Everyone can use extra moisture in their hair. You don't even need to buy a special deep conditioning treatment. You could use a regular silicone-free conditioner. Soak your hair and saturate with conditioner, sit for at least an hour with your hair under a microfiber towel or a shower cap. Wash your hair like you normally do. You could even do this with oil. Women in the 30's, 40's, and 50's used to put olive oil in their hair before washing. Use a leave in conditioner after every shower. And when you're done styling, put a little oil on your ends and scrunch up to get rid of frizz. This also helps hold styles in place. Your hair may just be going through some changes, which is super annoying but this will pass soon. Hope this helps =)